Creating your own Altar or Sacred Space

Everyday we are blessed by life's simplest miracles. We are also sometimes burdened with life's difficulties. Having an altar or sacred space set up in our homes our bedrooms is a beautiful expression to honor that which is greater than you, creating a portal for a loving energy exchange. 

By honoring the divine and showing gratitude and respect to those who lived before us,  who still live through our actions, we open ourselves to ancestral wisdom. As we take the time to return to this space daily, quieting the mind in humble reverence , we are able to see the beauty in life's difficulties and its simple miracles and they actually work to serve our highest good.

When choosing to set up your sacred altar space, choose a place that can be quiet, aesthetically pleasing to you, and comfortable.  It could be a fireplace mantle, a small table in a corner, you may even have large closet or spare bedroom to dedicate to your ritual practice. Size doesn't matter here, all that matters is that is feels right to you. Once you've found the space that resonates with you, go there, close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow yourself to melt into the space for just a minute or two. 

Now, you're ready to bring your space to life. With the help of your ancestors of course. *Always invite then welcome your ancestors into your endeavors. They are here specifically to guide you to your divine path so listen for their wisdom as you put your altar together. You can say something like this " Blessings to my ancestors known and unknown, those who know me and love me unconditionally . I invite you to walk with me today and all the days of my life..." 

Now, you're ready to add personal items to your place of peace. My altar has some of everything!! I keep fixed candles, crystals, sage, palo santo, shells,  fresh flowers,and plants. I also keep some of my grandmothers vintage perfume bottles. She always smelled liked gardenia. I have photos of her and my father as well as a list of other relatives I haven't collected pictures for yet.  Adding framed photos of your transitioned  blood relatives honors their existence. I also like to add my pendulum, oracle cards and other healing tools to my altar to consecrate them between clients. You should be as elaborate or as simple as you feel led . You want this sacred retreat space to feel beautiful, welcoming, calming, and inspiring to you. 


It also a good idea to honor the elements that sustain us ... Here are a few ideas.

Fire - Candle

Water - Glass of water, or water treatment 

Earth -  Crystals, Sand, Beach wood, Rocks

Air - Feather, Incense

Once you're all set up, allow yourself at least 5 minutes upon rising and another 5 minutes at night to sit in stillness. Find solace.  The results will amaze you. 

With grace and gratitude...








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