WTH is Reiki?!

 So what the heck is Reiki ?! 

     Reiki is the Universal Force of Energy that connects us all. I like to call it the Love Frequency. Reiki helps to clear the emotional , mental and energetic blockages in our auric field that prevent our chakras from flowing freely. We clear negative energy by sending it back to the earth to be transmitted into loving, healing energy. 

    Receiving Reiki is similar to getting a massage except there is a lot less physical touch and lot more touching of the soul! 

    Rei - is defined as life force energy 

    Ki -   is the force

    Your reiki practitioner should ask your permission  before proceeding to scan the body for areas of concern. Once divine intuition has connected with both the healer and the receiver, the reiki healer acts as a conduit using symbols to "unlock" reiki energy for the receiver.

    Sessions are intimate. Length of time will vary although a typical appointment ranges from 30-90 minutes. Crystals can be added to increase awareness and bring balance to each chakra system.

    Reiki is a gentle but powerful force of love that will reveal broken or bruised reflections of ourselves , it can performed inside as well as outdoors. You can receive Reiki as often as often as you feel led. After receiving Reiki you may feel... 

    • More clear 
    • More connected with nature (Self)
    • Emotional
    • Trauma recall for supreme healing to mend 
    • Warm tingling sensations
    • Balanced
    • Better
    • Rested or Energized
    • Light

    Be open and sensitive to the messages the Divine speaks to your being in the days following your first Reiki session . Connecting to the Source within will change your paradigm. Your total being will crave this type of healing and clarity. Allow the love frequency to nurture your new vibration.

    You can schedule your personal Reiki Healing session using this link : https://square.site/book/NDDV5FV8BWPMQ/onyx-sage-holistic-lifestyling-tacoma-wa

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