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Soul healing comes from within — and I’m here to help you activate it.

We all are on our personal journey to reach our highest calling… and you are one step closer to your healing within.

Try out a Reiki session, and receive energetic healing. Coordinate a private or group Onyx & Sage yoga class. Connect with divine guidance from an intuitive Tarot/Oracle reading.

TaNay Peters is an Intuitive reader that connects with Spirit in order to receive divine messages and guidance for her clients. As an Usui Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer,  NLP Life Transformation Coach/Trauma Specialist, and  200 RYT serving her  community in-person and virtually. 

What is Reiki? Read here for a further explanation of this traditional Japanese energy healing modality. 

Tarot has a rich history and exists in many cultures, from its origins in 14th-century Europe to its modern worldwide incarnation online. It continues as a way for Intuitive readers to intentionally connect with Spirit for divine guidance. 

Join Your Soul Tribe

Get involved, take a class, learn your truth, and cultivate more love in this Onyx & Sage space.

"TaNay Peters has been offering her expertise in beauty, style, and self-care healing practices to those in need of support and spiritual guidance.  Now with the loving guidance of her own ancestors and spirit guides, she curates unique life-transforming Soul Sessions aligning YOU with your divine destiny."